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Correspondence Analysis / Multidimensional Scaling / Perceptual Mapping

Questions that the analysis can address:

  1. How are we perceived relative to our competitors in the marketplace?
  2. What are our brand image strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Does our brand image reflect key elements of our brand communications strategy?

URIKA Research uses these techniques to understand how consumers perceive companies, and products and services, in the marketplace. For example, by having individuals evaluate a set of competitor companies on key image dimensions, we create visual maps illustrating how companies are perceived relative to each other in the minds of consumers. We then identify strengths and weaknesses of companies on these key image dimensions, as well as important positioning opportunities. And we evaluate the extent to which a company's image is in line with the image it seeks to build through its communications strategy.

We also use these analytical techniques to evaluate competing products and services. We identify current brand assets and liabilities, and make suggestions regarding how brands should be modified or positioned.