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Multiple Regression

Questions that the analysis can address:
Which features of our products and services drive customer satisfaction or purchase intentions most strongly?

  1. How should we prioritize the rollout of product and service enhancements?
  2. Are there important aspects of customer experience we are not measuring?

Most commonly, we use multiple regression to understand how evaluations of product or service attributes drive a set of key indicators. These key indicators could include intentions to purchase or recommend a product, overall customer satisfaction or actual purchase behavior.

The analysis allows us to identify which attributes drive performance on key indicators most strongly. We use this information to provide advice about how to prioritize service improvements or product enhancements. We can also evaluate the extent to which investments made in improving product and service elements are providing a good return, based on an analysis of how those elements impact customer experience.

In addition, URIKA Research can evaluate the combined strength of a set of product or service features in predicting key indicators, to evaluate if there are important features missing from current product or service offerings.