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Learning Management

Capturing and integrating information about the quality of service delivery and customer impressions is important, but it is only the first step. The information needs to loop back into training initiatives so that knowledge and performance deficiencies among employees are directly and continually addressed.

Lessons are designed to correspond to specific skill sets that are measured through customer feedback, monitoring and performance audits. Thus, the information that is deployed to employees can directly address deficits in the service delivery process.

Lessons are conducted combining two approaches.  The first is the classroom type learning which involves only a small group of employees at a time, or done on branch to branch basis, so that material is relevant to their specific needs. The second approach is using very short e-mail lessons sent at regular intervals, allowing employees to receive focused knowledge reinforcement without appreciably interfering with their workflow.

The learning management process is valuable not only for its ability to reinforce specific behaviours, but also for its capability of quickly integrating shortcomings in the service delivery process into the lesson plan, so that poor service delivery gaps are quickly closed.