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Customer and Employee Feedback

Using a combination of customer satisfaction exit interviews, follow-up interviews and  employee feedback, we able to gather useful information that can be fed into the 360 Customer Experience Optimizer (360 CEO) process to continuously fine tune the service experience delivered to your customers.

Customer Satisfaction Exit Interviews are taken within minutes after the service experience. This can take a more targeted approach by obtaining feedback from the customers about a specific service encounter soon after the interaction occurs.  Here customers can be targeted by profile, by purchases or non-purchases made, or can be selected completely at random.

Follow-up Interviews allow us to monitor a cross-sectional group of the same customers continuously, anytime they interact with your organisation. Through this method we are able to monitor the consistency of the service quality, and quickly take corrective measures if the service quality falls. These follow-up interviews are either done by telephone interviews or face-to-face interviews.

All organisations depend on employees to deliver quality service. Employees’ feelings about the policies, practices and procedures with which they are engaged are important factors to their ability and willingness to satisfy customers. Measures of employee satisfaction and commitment of employees to specific policies, practices and procedures that support customer-centric behaviour have an influence on customer experiences and overall business performance.

Combining the three approaches of; customer satisfaction exit interviews, follow-up interviews, and employee satisfaction interviews,  we are able to obtain valuable feedback that allows management to quickly adapt the service delivery process to be more responsive to their customers’ needs.