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Factor Analysis

Questions that the analysis can address:

  1. Which products or services are likely to bundle well together as a package?
  2. What are the core dimensions along which customers evaluate our products, our services and our company?
  3. Do our customers differentiate between our products and competitor products in the ways that we intend?

Factor analysis reveals the core dimensions by which individuals evaluate services, products, policies, candidates, leaders, companies and organizations.

Factor analysis can bring order to a seemingly disparate, large set of elements. It allows us to focus more precisely on the important structures underlying attitudes, opinions and preferences.

URIKA Research’s team routinely uses factor analysis to analyze customer survey data. We identify the core components of customer service in the minds of customers (e.g. knowledge, efficiency, concern, respect) and use these components to develop highly useful reporting tools. These tools focus on monitoring performance on the core components, and service quality managers use this data to evaluate performance.

We also use factor analysis extensively in the evaluation of individuals and organizations, for example, to identify the basic dimensions along which voters evaluate candidates or the basic elements that form the foundation of impressions of governments, political parties and companies.