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360 Customer Experience Optimizer (360 CEO)

Customer experiences play a critical role in keeping organisations profitable and competitive. To help our clients strategically deliver superior service experiences to their customers, URIKA Research has put together an integrated suite of tools called the 360 Customer Experience Optimizer (360 CEO).

The 360 CEO pulls together all the service performance measures, thereby providing managers of customer service experience a comprehensive view of

  1. How well their organisation is attaining the service standards (Mystery Shopping)
  2. How customers view the organisation ( Customer Satisfaction surveys/measures of complaints)
  3. How effective is the organisation building relationships (Retention rates/ measures of cross-selling)
  4. How effective is the organisation at selling (Sales figures)

What makes 360 CEO a robust tool for optimizing and strategically managing the quality of a service delivery process is that, unlike traditional approaches to service measurements; where there is very little integration between measures of the service performance such as customer satisfaction, staff attitudes, mystery shopping, customer complaints, etc; the 360 CEO aggregates all the service performance measures, thereby providing the comprehensive overview required for excellent service management. With 360 CEO, great customer service no longer becomes a mere rhetoric; it becomes an achievable and sustainable plan that cultivates customer loyalty.

360 CEO tools and methods can be grouped into four categories:

Customer and Employee feedback

Performance audits and monitoring
Learning Management
Incentive Programmes