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Performance Audits and Monitoring

While customer feedback is essential; on their own they do not provide sufficiently detailed information to allow management to identify and correct the specific weaknesses in the service delivery process. This is because customers usually don’t remember the specific detail of the service encounter; they can only give an overall impression of the service. The performance audits and monitoring approach measures the process rather than the outcomes of the service encounter. The emphasis is on the service experience as it unfolds, looking at which activities and procedures do or do not happen rather than gathering opinions about the service experience.

Performance audits and monitoring is done through two observational measurement methods. Performance audits involve using mystery shoppers to who pose as actual customers, experience the service, and report back. Monitoring involves the use of trained objective observers who monitor actual customer interactions.

Performance audits and monitoring augment customer feedbacks by providing essential information about specific service behaviours and the service environment. The Information gathered allows precise comparisons among employees, business branches, regions, and service channels to ensure that standards are consistently followed.